• We are a full-service sign company, with equal fabrication prowess in exterior and interior disciplines. Our work includes, but is not limited to:

    LED illuminated signs
    Hand-blown neon
    Monument signs
    Face lit and reverse lit letter sets
    Custom fabricated architectural elements
    Pylon and freeway signs
    Monolith numbers and copy
    Wall Signs
    Post & panel signs
    Illuminated, light box cabinets
    Business ID signage
    Electronic message centers
    Wayfinding/waymarking systems
    ADA, room and space identifiers
    Crests, insignia & emblems
    History walls
    Donor recognition
    Patient information signage
    Environmental graphics
    Vinyl & window filigrees
    Digital and dimensional printed graphics
    Code signage
    Zinc & cast signage
    Photopolymer plaques
    Silkscreened signs
    Digital Signage including construction of custom frames and housings

  • We are a fully licensed contractor serving the Arizona, California and Nevada commercial markets. We do business outside these states in partnership with regional installers - from NYC to Hawaii.

  • Our design department works on all things sign-related: conceptual sign drawings, fabrication artwork, comprehensive sign plans (CSPs), sign location plans, and documents supporting municipal submittals. If you are looking for logo design or an overall branding strategy, we will happily to refer you to some outstanding design talent.

  • We prefer to work with files in vector Ai, eps or pdf formats.
    Any questions please call.

  • Absolutely.

  • To understand lead times, think of our process as two phases. The first phase is discovery and design. Its purpose: to ascertain and document the custom order. Some customers come to us with conceptual drawings and sign quantities in hand, while others engage us early with simply an idea or a problem to be solved. This phase is highly collaborative, dependent on customer decision-making and generally follows the speed of our customer's internal processes. Each project is unique, so the time spent in this phase varies from a week to a period of months.

    The end of the first phase occurs when we have final customer approval (sign-off) on our production artwork and permits, if needed. We verify the contract matches the final artwork and then release the order to production. Production release is a significant milestone - you will hear us talk about it.

    The second phase - fabrication and installation - then begins. Production time depends on the size of the project and fabrication processes to be used. For updates to work in place (i.e. tenant copy changes or window vinyl) we strive to complete within 2-4 weeks. Interior sign packages (less than $5000) range from 5 -8 weeks, often depending upon the number of painted components. Large interior packages (over $5000) generally require 8-11 weeks for install completion. Exterior monuments and illuminated wall signs, involving metal fabrication, are typically wrapped up 7 to 12 weeks from production release.

    The information above is offered as a point of reference, to assist planning. If you have a deadline, we do our best to accommodate it. We understand that, in the midst of construction, signage can be forgotten or overlooked. We are subject matter experts, well suited to jump right in and help you get on track.

    A final note, to price most competitively we assume that your project will be installed during a single mobilization. Please let us know if your project requires phased or staggered production or installation. More detailed information on our process is available on our Process page.

  • Sign codes vary by municipality, so the complete answer is "it depends." A helpful rule of thumb: if the sign is visible or "intended to be viewed" from a public right of way (i.e. road) a permit is generally required. There are limited exceptions to the permit requirements for exterior signage, generally concerning signs that assist in public safety (i.e. building address numbers) and code required signs. Subject to certain exceptions, interior signage usually does not require a permit.

    Don't worry… we will decipher the applicable codes for you, and manage the permits. Leave it to us, this is what we do.

  • We use high quality electrical components and EMCs. You'll see familiar names like GE, Sloan, France, Watchfire and Daktronics. Are they the cheapest components in the world? No, but they are reliable and stand the test of time. Troubleshooting electrical problems in a sign can be time consuming, difficult and expensive. Our strategy is to prevent these issues altogether by giving you a superior product from the start.

  • SmithCraft warrants its workmanship and materials for 3 years. That warranty is 3 times longer than usual offering from other sign shops. We build to last and stand behind our products.